The main goal of our organization is preparing students for the business world. Learning theory is not enough on its own to get the best jobs. In order to get the most out of a study, the theory has to be turned into practice as well.

By giving our members this experience, we want to give them a head start in the race to the top. Helping our organization equals business experience and hard work. It is this experience that we want to bring to our members, all while they are studying.


GetConnected brings out the success in people. We guarantee students success in three different skills: Social development, professional development, and networking.

It is not only about building friendships; it is also about helping people that need our help. By doing something extra next to the studies, we can give something back to other students. This organization encourages all of our members to help students pass their exams, enjoy school, and help with all of the other activities others could need help with.

Additionally, we encourage professional growth. Our members are busy with budgeting, marketing, and events while growing in teamwork. We ensure professional experience in a safe environment, to prepare for the dangerous business world.

Our Journey

GetConnected started as a group of students that wanted to connect international students. It quickly shifted focus to events that contribute to professional success. As more events were successfully organised, the organisation became an official study association.

The organisation is financially supported by the Utrecht University of applied sciences to finance its activities. With this capital, the organisation is growing in size and value for the university, the students, and the city of Utrecht.

With the activities that GetConnected is performing, the organisation has been able to help international, and internationally orientated students to build on their personal and professional success while helping them to reach their goals.


We have selected some highlights of our journey to show you how far we have come.

We keep updating this timeline for everyone to see what great things we are achieving.




Acquisition Director

Levy Hofman

Levy is responsible for our Acquisition Department. His daily work consists of building relationships and partnerships. He is always getting in contact with interesting people and companies that can help us in our quest for success. He is also our spokesperson. Having a spokesperson makes communicating much easier and we are happy to have Levy speak on behalf of the team.

“I am in GetConnected for the challenge. It is amazing to find a way to organize great events and meet fantastic people. in my role in particular, it is encouraged to meet new people every day. It also is a great learning environment and a wonderful experience.”


Telephone:+31 6 17012094

Finance and Marketing Director

Fabiola Tarvainen

Fabiola is in charge of our financial strategy and planning. Our finances need to be assessed and accounted in order for us to continue with all our activities. Yet, this is not the only thing she is doing. Next to her role as the finance director, she is also the driving power behind our marketing. Together with the marketing team, she manages the designs of posters and flyers, social media, promotion and different marketing strategies for our events.

”I love GetConnected, because I want to support and inspire my fellow international students to feel better and get the best out of themselves and their studies. GetConnected also gives me the opportunity to differentiate myself from other students and to gain valuable experience of putting the theory we learn into practice. ”

Events Director

Chiel van Ewijk

Chiel is responsible for making sure that we can organize our events. His daily work consists of event planning, constructing project plans and coordinating the execution of our events. With his experience in various fields of expertise such as sales and management, he is a great asset to have for our organization.

”Personal growth, freedom, passion, ambition, creativity and development are characteristics that are really important to me in life. As a Board member and Event Director, I strive to create the best events and concepts to add value to all the international oriented students so they can distinguish themselves from the rest. I want to create a network of ambitious students who are helping each other in life and business”


Telephone:+31 6 42841719


We are very excited about getting in contact with interesting people! Please contact us via any of the options mentioned here. We love personal contact and are very happy to see the impact we are having on the community.

Daltonlaan 500
Utrecht (stad)
3528 BK






From the central station:

Take bus 18 or 28 from Utrecht central station and stop at ‘Rijnsweerd Zuid”. Once you get off the bus, please take the following route:
1. Walk to the cycling lane, this means crossing the bus lane.
2. Turn right and walk to the BCN building. (150m)
3. Turn left once you are at the BCN Building.
4. Walk to the building in front of you, this is Daltonlaan 500.